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Cake Craze in the Media

Watch our segment featured on ABC 7 Chicago’s "Windy City Live." Cake Craze holiday baking hack: Step up your cake with gummy bears

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Check out Cake Craze's feature in the October issue of Northfield Neighbors

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People are Talking

I have had the pleasure of trying many of the different cakes and treats that Cake Craze makes and every one of them is outstanding! Hands down, they are among the best I have ever had.

Garry, Buffalo Grove


When I ate my first piece of Cake Craze carrot cake, my spouse wondered why I was repeatedly moaning in delight. Wow!  Huge, golden, juicy raisins; fresh carrots; sweet, moist coconut and smooth, sweet cream cheese frosting. I felt sated and satisfied. Based on that experience, a couple weeks later I ordered another carrot cake, and a few weeks after that I ordered one more! 

Bob, Glenview


Cake Craze is my new-found home for cakes, cake balls and buckeyes. The quality is outstanding, along with terrific customer service. I have ordered several items and each time was thoroughly satisfied with the product (and then some). I highly recommend Cake Craze. I am a loyal customer and look forward to ordering for my next event!

Peggy, Park Ridge


Cathy's coconut cake is truly the best I have ever had. Her passion for cake baking is evident in the service and the taste of the products. I would highly recommend Cake Craze! 

Jackie, Glenview

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