Cake Truffles, Chocolate Chip

Cookie Dough Bites & Buckeyes

Four-bite milk and white chocolate-dipped treats


Also available as SPORTS-THEMED BALLS -- footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, baseballs and golf balls


Five to seven days’ notice is appreciated for all orders.

Email or call 224-435-1724.

Nationwide shipping available



  • White chocolate-dipped buckeye (peanut butter-filled)

  • Milk chocolate-dipped buckeye (peanut butter-filled)

  • White chocolate-dipped yellow (vanilla-almond) cake truffle

  • Milk chocolate-dipped yellow (vanilla-almond) cake truffle

  • White chocolate-dipped chocolate cake truffle

  • Milk chocolate-dipped chocolate cake truffle

  • White chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie dough bite

  • Milk chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie dough bite

  • Funfetti cake truffle (white chocolate-dipped yellow sprinkle cake)

  • Chocolate Oreo cake truffle 

3-piece treat box...... $11

4-piece treat pack...... $14

9-piece gift box...... $34.50

16-piece gift box...... $57

Standard bakery box ....... $39/dozen

(+$3 in a hot pink or black gabled treat box)


Color can be added to white chocolate dip for an additional $5/dozen.

Great for celebrating school spirit!