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About Cathy

Owner and Head Baker

It all started with a sweet tooth, a lightbulb and some Jiffy cake mix….


For those of a certain age, you know exactly what I’m talking about! For those who have no idea, Google “baking with a light bulb.”


As I grew from a child baking in a toy oven to an adult utilizing a double convection, my sweet tooth remained, but it evolved. I became an avid label-reader with an aversion to preservatives, chemicals and hydrogenated fats in my foods. With this anti-artificial-ingredient mindset serving as my guide, I committed myself to creating desserts that contain none of these additives.


For the better part of a quarter century (Holy cow! Has it actually been that long?!) I’ve been perfecting the recipes I use for my artisanal cakes and other desserts. Referred to as “The Cake Lady” by friends and family for always baking birthday, holiday and other special event treats, for years I was encouraged to open a baking business. Then, after 20+ years of nudging, Cake Craze was launched!


Cake Craze’s commitment to every customer is simple:

Every dessert ordered is made from scratch using pure, whole, quality ingredients. No Cake Craze product will ever simply look beautiful – though aesthetic is extremely important. It will first and foremost taste AMAZING. No dessert leaves the Cake Craze kitchen unless and until it meets this exacting quality standard.


Additionally, if a client requests something that isn’t a standard Cake Craze offering, I’m happy to work with them to meet their needs. This is the challenge and the joy of being a small batch, scratch baker!

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